7-árvore verde 2Welcome to Sapato Verde, my name is Alexandra!


A seed was planted and it all started….

In a conversation at dinner table between friends and family, we were talking about the difficulties to find alternatives to leather shoes in shops in Portugal.

As I started to think more about it a seed began to germinate. I did some research, and from that moment on, I devoted myself entirely to the development of this ambitious project and so dear to me. A design according to my principles, founded on the ideas of sustainability of the planet and respect for animals.

Thus, August 29, 2014 opens 1st vegan shoe store in Portugal, Sapato Verde!


The seed grew…

Despite starting as a shoe shop, being an ambitious project and promoting Ecological Alternatives, Vegan and Fair Trade, Sapato Verde grew by adding other eco and vegan products such as accessories, cosmetics, clothing, among otAlexandra-SapatoVerdehers, always respecting the same principle of sustainability of the planet and respect for animals.


A sustainable home

Sapato Verde is a space full of surprises. The entire environment was carefully constructed with the use of waste materials and natural materials such as wood scraps, pallets, reels, plastic, boat ropes, cutlery, rocks, logs, branches…

A friendly and welcoming space.




It has been 3 years since the Sapato Verde seed was planted in Travessa dos Navegantes… We took care of it with love and compassion … our tree grew, grew … And it needed a bigger space!
It was in Baixa Chiado in Lisbon that we have found the perfect place !

Come and visit us in Rua das Chagas 31-33 in Lisbon 😉